Friday, August 31, 2007

A Nifty Finish to My Necklace

I ran out of toggles! and I'm in a cheap mood, so what could I use? Buttons!! I found a great source for vintage buttons at a great price and I bought a few. Add a beaded loop and voila! a one-of-a-kind clasp for my necklaces. The button is vintage Czech slag glass. In natural light, it matches the vintage Lucite beads. I bought some really super buttons for other necklaces- enameled, with Swarovski rhinestones and cabochons, transfer patterns on porcelain (like on dishes), oh I could have spent a fortune there; fortunately I didn't ;^D.


fleegle said...

That is absolutely exquisite and I wish I could do beading. I am a total clod at it and am eaten up with envy at your ability. fleegle sighs.

BB said...

Thank you. I am truly feeling humble, that is high praise. Fleegle, you a clod? Do you know how many times I look at your embroidery and lace knitting and wish I could learn from you? Your work is inspiring.