Friday, August 3, 2007

Where Did Summer Go?

Hard to believe it is August already. Where did summer go? Almost time to plan winter knitting, but when it's nearly 100 degrees and sticky, sticky, sticky, I find it hard to think about bulky Icelandic wool. How about you? Speaking of sticky and hot, last night, DH and I went to a concert in NYC. When we pulled out of the Lincoln Tunnel, the thermometer on the car read 103 degrees. Yikes! Then DH decided that the only place he can park on the entire island of Manhattan is at Lincoln Center, even though the concert was at 75th and Broadway, nearly a mile north. Parked, then walked to 72nd and Broadway for dinner in a state of near-collapse, fortunately, was revived by the Arizona Sunrise served at Mike's Bistro (and even more revived by the warm apple Annie and Starbucks Frappuccino Mudslide for dessert). A Mudslide is a frozen confection, really not just a mere cocktail, made with a shot each of: over crushed ice and milk, cream, or soymilk (meat restaurant, so soymilk it was) in a fancy 12 oz cocktail glass. DH, who normally doesn't go for these drinks (single malt Scotch is his tipple of choice, followed by draft beer), couldn't stop tasting mine.
Thus fortified, we marched on to the Beacon Theater for 2 hours of this:

Alison Kraus and Union Station doing their Hundred Miles or More tour. Great album; the concert consisted of only 3 songs from that album plus a bunch of old favorites; 2 hours of music and no intermission, just music. That's a promotional shot of Alison Krauss and Union Station for the tour above. See the guy with the guitar in front? On the left? That's Dan Tyminski; he did George Clooney's voice for "Oh Brother, Where art Thou?" He also was George Clooney's, er, body double in the same movie. DH loves Alison, I love Dan; it's a perfect match.

With the heat wave continuing through the weekend, I'll be lucky to finish sock #2 of Lilacs (heel turning done, need to pick up gusset sts, do the dec, and finish the foot). Then oh boy! pick another sock pattern. Maybe make this pair out of the Meilenweit I used for the toes on Lilacs. At first I thought Meilenweit would be too thin to knit with, for my ease, but I'm knitting on 2.5 mm needles anyway, so might as well make cool socks (as opposed to wool socks in lacey patterns in an effort to make them air-conditioned- sometimes my lab is 55 degrees, sometimes it is 85 degrees; since Maintenance can't figure it out, I have to dress for anything and adpatable socks in summer are essential).

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