Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rogue Hoodie Progress

So here's Rogue, in Morning Dew Rowan Magpie, good color to show off those Celtic cables. And the pocket front is done; yes that is a Guernsey cast-on I used (why, when it will be hidden in the hem? I dunno- easy, stretchy, didn't have to pre-measure yarn for cast-on, take yer pick). O! do I wish I had though of using a lifeline to mark the first row of the pocket front. O! did I wish it as I was picking up and repicking up stitches last night (until 2 pm, started right after breaking the Yom Kippur fast and decided I had to finish the pocket front, including pick-up stitches). O! why did I not Google for Rogue hoodie; I would have found THIS, in which much useful information is included. But most of it I already goofed up and learned from my mistakes (I hope). Seriously, the 19 page pattern could have used a few of the tips from this page (plus mine own sole tip). At least put this page up as a link on the mods or FAQ page! More thoughts: Instead of picking up a pocket (say that 5 times real fast, Peter Piper), what if one were to m2 out of every one of the 51 sts for the pocket front, threading alternate sts on a lifeline? One would then have sts ready to go for the body when the pocket front is completed. Hmmm, if I make this again, say for DD#2 who may start clamoring when she lays eyes on either the Ruby Magpie or the Burgundy or Mid-Blue Jaeger Shetland Aran I have stashed away (another discontinued, lamented yarn; indeed, all of Jaeger is slated to be but a memory ... but I digress). I am intrigued with making this into a cardi; I have the note on it, started it as a cardi, got frustrated when I got up to the pocket part, then DD#1 said she wants a pullover, not as cardi (whew!). Almost enough to make this steek virgin make a Rogue cardi- using a steek down the front. I'd baste down anyway, and sew the pocket edges; wonder if you can do a steek and create enough border to set a zipper in. After mastering socks and circular knitting, it seems I am ready for anything. Where're my Alice Starmore books? If I do make a cardi using a steek, I know I'll follow EZ's advice to lie down in a dark room with a cold cloth over the face after cutting the steek. I'll emend that to say: after imbibing a snifter of cognac, or 2, as needed! If you're a veteran steeker, would you mind telling me the best scissors to use? Veronika Avery, knitting designer, says big dressmaker shears, others say small pointy ones. And if you've a nice cognac to recommend, that would be fine, too.


fleegle said...

That is the longest, most breathless paragraph I have ever read. I wouldn't do a steek for all the yarn in eBay. Remy Martin is pretty good cognac though!

BB said...

Umm, still under the effects of fasting for 25+ hrs? I was hallucinating a bit towards the end there...
Remy Martin VSOP or Napoleon? You wouldn't steek? Well, maybe I'll start small, like a swatch in Shetland wool and see if I can do it. And of course I'll sew or crochet something up and down around the steek sts, I'm not that brave, er foolhardy. Hmm, no Shetland in stash outside of bits leftover from completed garments. An excuse to buy more wool (as if - lol!).
Somehow I bet I'm not the first to make a Rogue cardi by steeking. OTOH it might be easier to buy Jenna's Eris pattern and fit a hood onto it. If DD#2 decides she really wants a hoodie with a zipper, that is.