Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Check This Pattern Out- Then Check Its Price

I love swans. "Swan Lake" is my favorite ballet. I used to have a website to sell my jewelry designs; it was called "One Black Swan" (all the other swan names were taken already). My house is decorated with swan-themed items, like Lenox porcelain, Fenton glass, needlework I've done and framed, and so forth. I have quite a collection of swan figurines from all over the world and my collection of swan jewelry has been included in a book of costume jewelry too (by Harrice Miller, if you are into vintage costume jewelry perchance). So of course I had to visit a website that offers a knitting pattern for this stole, called the Swan Lake and Lily Stole. Oh yes, it is gorgeous. But check out the price here. Does $25 for a mere pattern sound, well, a bit astronomical to you? It does to me when entire books of shawl patterns cost less, and when Evelyn Clark's extremely intricate shawl patterns can be had for $5.95 or so. But I'm open to being accused of crankiness here, and I might even plunk down $25 and download the thing (or better yet, Chanukah is coming, maybe ask for it as a present). Somehow, for $25, I sorta expect it to come laminated on card-stock, and spiral-bound. Maybe the spiral should be 24K gold too.


fleegle said...

I do think it's a bit pricy, but Sharon Miller's patterns are also a wallet-breakers. In this case, I think there's too much plain knitting going on for the the pattern to cost that much. Did you decide to buy it?

BB said...

No, not yet. I did drop her a line. Sharon Miller she of Heirloom Knits? I have her book, got it discounted price, must say I like it very much as a refernce book for learning lace knitting, especially the Shetland techniques and stitches. $25 for u-print-it-out pdf, please!