Tuesday, October 23, 2007

DD#2's debut at Lincoln Center

Here she is, yesterday right before her marathon 8 hour rehearsal and concert debut with the NYC Opera, George Manahan, Music Director conducting. Program: Excerpts from "La Boheme." Yes I know she's in front of the Met Opera House; the lighting was better. OK, how's this:

Got the whole picture this way, right? I took more photos, you can see them here.
Of course I took some knitting, since I had to be there the entire day. Here's a new hat for the Ships Project, yarn is Rowan Magpie, and the pattern is on the Ships Project website (link is on the sidebar).
Is that great for a soldier to wear or what?

And I did get my Kate Spade glasses. DD#2's verdict- better than the Escadas. So there! Tomorrow we are off to Baltimore, my home town, where DD#2 will have her college interview with my alma mater Johns Hopkins and DD#1 will have a mole removed from her foot by the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Johns Hopkins, whom I've known since he was Chief Resident and I was a student. He's a great person and of course his skills as a surgeon are nothing to sneeze at. DD#1 couldn't be in better hands.

Those wildfires in SoCal have been much on my mind. I've been calling my parents, e-mailing friends. My husband can't believe that the fire cut a swath through to the beach where he used to work in San Diego County. We'll still be going out to LA in January but what a different feel to the trip. Hope the Santa Ana winds really do break tomorrow as forecast by the weather service.

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