Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a Week

When we went to Lincoln Center for the Philharmonic Concert little did we know that I left my very expensive prescription sunglasses with Escada frames and brand-new lenses at Mike's Bistro! it was dark when we left Mike's and headed back to Lincoln Center, it rained the next few days, so by the time I needed them and figured out where I'd left them, they were history. Maybe because the frames were sooo pretty. Maybe because they are now impossible to reacquire. Aaaaargh! So a trip to the optician's was in order. Did I find more Escada frames? No. I found these terribly expensive Kate Spade Vita frames instead:

That was Monday. I was promised the new glasses to be ready on Friday. Meanwhile they are not ready today, maybe not tomorrow, and I get blinding migraines from the sun. So I can't drive at all in the daytime. I've gone through a pack of Maxalt XL this week, plus added painkillers for break-through pain (and I take a migraine preventive too). I have not suffered this much from migraines in years. Tomorrow cannot go to the optician's because it is DD#2's concert at Lincoln Center (where I have to be all day; she has to be there at 8 am for rehearsal. Concert time is 3 pm if you want to drop by State Theater. She'll be playing the first clarinet part.) So a bit of pampering was in order. I had to get this lipstick color, a limited edition, supposedly what Princess Graces wore on her wedding day.

Then because I am going to LA for 2 weeks in January, I had to get this one to wear with a fake tan:

And this to wear while tootling around the hotspots: Malibu, Beverly Hills (where I'll be staying part of the time), San Marino (all right, near San Marino! Duarte, if you must know), Hesperia (the High Desert, dahling), and so forth.

And of course the new clothes, since we are all going for my youngest nephew's bar-mitzvah, and we need all sorts of new outfits for for a chssidic bar-mitzvah in Southern California in January. If that isn't a sartorial challenge, I don't know what is!

Knitting stuff: Finished my mystery hat pattern. Take a peek:

That's the obverse. Here's the reverse side that faces you as you knit:

I suppose which side shows is a matter of preference. The way I have it is traditional but I kind of like the reverse side too. Guess if you knit it right it could be reversible (I had a knot so it didn't work out for me). The yarn is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted in Turquoise Sea (a bit more green than the photo shows) and the needle size was US 7 (Inox Express). Haven't done any more on Rogue; the warm autumn weather isn't inspiring me to finish socks, hats, or sweaters. Maybe when I get my sunglasses and my eyes go back to normal I'll be motivated again. still, this afternoon we trekked out to see "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D. Loved it even more this time around. Why isn't Danny Elfman in the movie composer Hall of Fame next to Howard Shore, please tell me? We'll see if wearing the 3-D glasses gives me a migraine. Sure hope not. Better go take the meds now; wouldn't do to have migraine during DD's debut tomorrow!

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