Monday, October 8, 2007

My New Toy

At work I was abusing using a laptop computer for years, mainly because I sort of inherited it. I liked it fine but it started complaining (its fan was on all the time) and I started worrying that the thing would up and die on me at the most inconvenient moment. So I decided to make my life much easier: the iMac you see about has an Intel Duo Core chip in it, so it can runs Windows along side the Mac OS (Not that I care to do Windows; but some imaging software I need for data analysis requires it). And this thing is so speedy, seriously. And was so easy to set up and have all my files and settings migrate to from an external hard-drive (if you don't use one for storing photos, music, etc and for back-up, you are computing on the edge but not a cutting edge). And I can submit my federal grant applications much easier (well, I wasn't able to connect to the Federal server for weeks before the iMac came, to be honest).
We now return you to your regular knitting blog.

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fleegle said...

Handsome, indeed! Work with it in Total Harmony!