Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Caved to Temptation

I bought 6 skeins of this luscious Merino by Jaeger from Jannette's to make the Swan Lake stole, after exchanging some e-mails with Susan. She actually will print and send the pattern, but you have to e-mail her directly for that option, rather than ordering through the website. So even though I still think it is a pricey pattern, I bought it 'cause I love swans so much. And I fell in love with this yarn and needed a project for it! It's Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4-ply. I still cannot believe that Jaeger is being discontinued in the US (or is it everywhere?). Major tragedy, imo.

As for the lovely Lang patterns I rediscovered, DD#2 saw this one and asked for the sweater (and model too, if possible; she's 17 after all). Can't deliver the latter but can deliver the former. Now I have the challenge to size-down the pattern for her petite frame. Fortunately, the shaping is simple- dropped shoulders bound off straight across, a normal DK gauge, and charts. The smallest size given in the book is for a 46" chest. If I take 4 sts off each diagonal motif I calculate I'll get between 39 and 40" around, and that should give her 3 to 4" of ease.

Between the traveling cable, the diagonal panels alternate seed stitch and garter rib (I think that's the name of that stitch with horizontal lines). Pretty easy, almost callls out for a gansey-type pattern. DD#2 wants it in cream and with a jewel neck. Now the V-neck is worked as a V, and the ribbed part is worked separately. I don't like that, wish there would be a way to continue the 2x2 ribbing up to the shoulders. Bleah!

If anyone thinks or knows of a way to just continue knitting without having to create 2 more pieces (honestly, if I could sew that well, I'd sew as well as knit!), please let me know.


fleegle said...

Can you knit the rib separately as if you were knitting a shawl border and attach it that way? No sewing, at least.

BB said...

*sigh* my poor mind goes nuts everytime I read directions on how to do one of those fancy borders. So either I sew them on or just crochet around, I have to admit. Somehow I can't visualize it. Need a class with a live teacher, I guess.