Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cringing Along

See the new yarn Sundara yarn that came today? That's Ruby sock yarn and Grass sport merino yarn. When I added them to my Ravelry stash, I came up with 31 lots of yarn, and I know I haven't added everything yet. I cringe as I type. The only cure I suppose is to knit more. So I'm off to knit some more of my Lupine socks. I had nearly finished 1 sock- and discovered that Sasquatch could wear it (and I take a size 7 shoe). So frog I must, and now I'm up to the heel flap.
NB: If you want to see a delightful little movie, rent "Miss Potter." It's about the life of Beatrix Potter, it stars Renee Zellweger, and it didn't nearly get the good press it deserved in my very humble opinion here. The views of the lake country make me want to pack up and move there, to raise sheep of course!

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fleegle said...

Pretty yarn!

Cast-on tutorials certainly count, especially if they are excellent and a bit different fromt he usual cast-on stuff.