Sunday, November 4, 2007

Proof That Surfing Can Be Dangerous To Your Wallet

Checked out Jeanie Townsend's blog to see what's doing and she had posted about these gorgeous socks. As if I hadn't enough trouble with knitter's ADD and second sock syndrome! OTOH, they might look nice in the Shell over Cocoa Butter Sundara yarn I have in my stash.....

Meanwhile, check out these babies I just finished:

Do they look good enough to eat wear or what? One day I will master the art of the neat Kitchener stitch at the sock toe. I hope.

New socks started: Evelyn Clark's Lupine Lace, featuring Sundara Yarn Sport Merino in Blue-Violet over Cotton Candy. Love her sock patterns. As always, I tweak a bit: eye of partridge flap and French heel. EoP flap just looks better to me for some patterns than heel stitch, dressier, I guess. French heel is my fave, undoubtedly due to the fact that it fits me best of them all.

Have I worked on Rogue? Sad to say, not for a while. But with the coming of colder weather, I'm sure I'll be nagged by a certain daughter to get back to work on it.


fleegle said...

Oh man, those socks are fantabulous! Where did you gt the yarn? I seem to remember seeing something like this before, but they were a sport-weight--too heavy for my climate. Are yours fingering-weight?

BB said...

Thanks for the compliment.
Yes, these are single-ply sock or fingering weight. The yarn comes from Freshisle Fibers,, and it comes in a few weights, up to DK or even worsted. I wish Marian would do a cotton-wool blend (Meilenweit) for summer in this and her kiwi stripes, maybe if we both ask she'll do it?

freshisle said...

Umm. Something for me to thnk about.

BB said...

Oh please do think about doing a cotton blend in watermelon! My kids are fighting over who gets a pair of watermelon socks next, I'll have to buy more yarn to make more socks.