Monday, December 3, 2007

Still Too Tense To Knit

So instead during yesterday's snowstorm, I finally finished this necklace that's been on the beading board for a bit. That's a lot of B's in one sentence, I just realized. Anyway, the 3 center beads were handmade by Gina DeStevens of GMD Lampwork, the glowing peach beads are vintage moonglow Lucite beads from my online friend Cindy at Ozzybeads, and the crystals are Swarovski from various sources. The metal is Bali vermeil. I'm please with it. Wore it today, it matches a pair of Liz Palacios earring I picked up on sale back in August.

They are starting something on my office. Maybe when my shoulders and neck no loner ache from sitting at the wrong height I'll be more inclined to knit. Maybe I'll pick up needles later tonight. We'll see.

Happy Chanukah to all! Enjoy the latkes. Me, I can't wait!

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