Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rogue is DONE

Rogue is done!
I was so frustrated by the cables on the hood I did my own variation on traveling Aran cables. I always was bad at grafting, I admit it. I attribute it to being left-handed and having to follow right-handed directions. But Daughter loves it, loves it sleeveless, and all I have left to do is to steam the hem and the armholes. I'm not even going to put ribbing at the armholes, just leave them as is. If they show wear, I'll blanket stitch them. For now, they'll be au naturel.

In going through the back of the cedar closet, I came across this top I made over 10 years ago: I designed it to wear to a friend's son's bar-mitzvah back when grey was the rage. It's charcoal Filatura de Crosa Sera, with center panels of FdC No Smoking in pewter. It fits me even better now.

Something else from the cedar closet: This vest was made years ago for 1 daughter, both deny it for some reason. The pattern is from a 1960's Spinnerin book and the yarn is Rowan Magpie. It doesn't fit me (too small); what shall I do with this lovely homeless vest?

Last bit of my older knitting for today: This lace shawl, done I think in Madil Kid Seta, is found in the 1996 Spring Knitter's issue #42 dedicated to lace and reprinted in The Best of Knitter's Magazine Scarves and Shawls. It's Eugen Beugler's Lace Dreams shawl. I made it according to directions, in 2 halves, with a provisional cast-on first, then picking up the sts for the second half. I used a size 4 needle. I normally don't like yellow, but this banana ice color is quite nice.


fleegle said...

Your lace shawl is lovely--will we get to see it blocked? And I am glad you finished your Rogue--it's very pretty!

BB said...

Thank you so much. If I can corral a daughter into modeling the shawl, yes you'll see it blocked!