Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Bit o' Blocking

Rugged is blocking now. I have the front and back pinned to the board:
blocking Rugged III
Sorry for the bad photo; camera seems to have gone wonky on me. I should get, no deserve, a bigger board.
The cables seems to pop even more after blocking. Like a lot of knitters, I hate blocking. Even calling it "dressing" doesn't help. What does help is seeing the cables come alive and the edges flatten down. Then I don't hate it quite so much, and can look forward to seaming in peace. As for seaming, that I don't mind so much. It's pretty mindless, and gives my hands and wrists some change from knitting. Which is good for avoiding repetitive stress injuries. So folks, you read it here first: seaming can lead to more knitting.

Skye (D#1's smooth collie) consented to model this Mystery Scarf that I found in going through winter clothes to donate to Vietnam Veterans of America. I see it's done in garter stitch, in 2 types of wool, and features a pull-through loop. If anyone recognizes it, give a holler, OK?
Skye models scarf

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fleegle said...

That is a stunning sweater! Just stunning.