Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And This is Why I Don't Spin

Once upon a time, a mommy took her two little princesses to the movies. The movie was a cartoon version of a fairy tale involving a princess, a prince, and an evil fairy. Not long afterward, the daddy of the two little princesses said, "Let's go to the museum today." And they did. In the museum were old-time fiber tools such as distaffs and drop spindles and a spinning wheel. The princesses ran shrieking from the spinning wheel. They thought something like this might happen:

Even though the mommy and daddy told them the story was make-believe. Today, the two little princesses are big princesses, and still, like Sleeping Beauty's parents, will not suffer a spinning wheel to enter their kingdom.

When D#1's wedding mishegas gets out of hand, I tell her that I shall convert her room into my fiber arts room, replete with spinning wheel.

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