Friday, January 1, 2010

Under the Wire

Happy New Year! DH and I went to First Night revelry last night. We enjoyed flamenco dancing and singing and guitar (great stuff), zydeco (a treat for us, especially since we were in New Orleans in early November and heard live zydeco there), and a ventiloquist act (I'm a sucker for those things). The Tahiti scarf came with us and at 11:32 pm, just under the wire, it was finished. I made it with no one in mind; someone will get a surprise gift from me.

Rummaging through the cedar closet again (it's cold and turning colder), I found a sweater I made for DD#1 when she was in high school in upstate NY; she had forgotten it and thought she lost it (imagine my thoughts on that score). Here it is: Well DD#2 took one glance at it and claimed it. She plans to wear it as often as she can in fact. It's made of Brunswick La Laine (washable Merino wool in DK weight with great yardage and an easy price), and the pattern is Suzann Thompson's Diagonal Diamonds from the February 1993 issue of McCall's Needlework and Crafts.

DD#1 isn't the only one guilty of forgetting what's I've made that gets stored in the cedar closet. DH forgot about this Tahki Donegal tweed vest: DH is happy I was thoughtful enough to bring it upstairs for him so he can now wear it.With 2 vests out of commission, and Rugged not finished (I started the front! I'm already on the second pattern repeat!), he needs his vests.

And I have to plead mea culpa as well. I found this sweater I made for myself: The pattern is Classic Elite #369 by Norah Gaughan and the yarn is Classic Elite Willough. That was a silk and cotton blend, DK-weight, and very nice to work with. Classic Elite didn't offer it very long (my LYS couldn't get it for me in ecru to knit a DKNY top featured in the Spring 1994 issue of Vogue Knitting) that required it. Guess waxing nostalgic for great yarns that are no longer is part of a New Year's theme: should auld yarns be forgot and all that.

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