Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding Update

Headpiece and Veil 1
Remember the wedding dress with the train in its own zip code? The headpiece with veil may reach the Goodyear blimp:

Headpiece and Veil 2
I couldn't fit the entire veil in the photo because I ran out of room in the room.
Excuse the mess please; those are all wedding gifts awaiting their new home (the green towels too).

The bride gets to pick 2 subjects for her ice sculptures. See who volunteered:
Skye 5

Back to the seating chart for now.


Amy said...

Ohhhh that veil is amazing - the beading is beautiful! V cute pooch too :D

fleegle said...

Erm, the name means "Leaves and Buds." Not "blood." Erk.

Gorgeous veil, just stunning!