Monday, March 1, 2010

Wedding Week

DD#1's wedding is Sunday.

The snow has cancelled necessary meetings and plans over the past few weeks.
Therefore, I need to help DD#1 nearly every day this week as follows:
1) Today: witness the marriage license (something our township requires); meet with the florist AGAIN.
2) Tomorrow: I am sure something will come up.
3) Wednesday: Print place cards at Staples.
4) Thursday: Drop off place cards, souvenir booklets (they have the grace after meals prayers in Hebrew plus the special blessing recited at wedding feasts), maybe makeup and shoes at venue; get hair trimmed and highlighted.
5) Friday: Morning at the day spa for bride and moi: waxing, manicures, pedicures. Afternoon: DH picks up DD#2 from train station. Bride and I might go see "Alice in Wonderland" in 3-D. Get ready for Sabbath.
6) Sabbath: Bar-mitzvah in synagogue in the morning; open-house for the bride's friends in the afternoon.
7) The Day: Get up super-early, get hair done, then round up the wimmen-folk and head to the venue. Pray the hair stylist and makeup artist come on time to do 2 hairdos and 3 makeup applications. Check flowers, talk to band, talk to photographers. Keep bride calm. Avert last-minute disasters. Greet guests. Enjoy the day.
8) Monday: if I could zonk out, I would. My VA grant is due. Talk about great timing.

I've been knitting erratically, though I have much to show you including my first foray into beaded knitting. If I get a chance this week to take photos, I'll post the beaded edging on the Shetland shawl. Also, the front for Carefree nears completion; I love the way the V-neck is coming out. I'll take a picture of that too when I can.

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Amy said...

What a busy week, but how exciting!! Alice in Wonderland looks fabulous doesn't it? Hope the wedding turns out beautifully, be sure to post some pics :D