Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mazel tov!

The Maid of Honor enters
At the Chuppah 2
And more dancing!
As you can see from the photos taken by a guest, the wedding was a success. Yes, the couple are still around this week, having special dinners in their honor almost every night this week (and incidentally, writing a few thank-you notes every day as well). Yes, I went to work yesterday and my VA grant has been submitted. The train managed to fit into the same zip code as the wedding (though it took the personal bridal assistant, who came with the venue's package deal, quite a bit of doing and pinning to get the train to stay put). The flowers were lovely, the maid of honor glowed (I'm very proud of the younger sister for her grace and poise), and the food was nothing short of amazing. From what I've heard so far from guests, a good time was had by all. And if you want to see where I am, I'm the one in deep green satin opposite the bride in the third photo. Mazel tov!

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Amy said...

Oh it looks beautiful! Glad the train was a success :D