Monday, June 14, 2010

Stash Diving for Gifts

OK, so it's not bulky mohair; anyway look what I found waaaay at the bottom of the cedar chest:
CTH baby loop mohair
DT Azalea

Cherry Tree Hill Baby Loop Mohair in Gypsy Rose (top), and CTH Baby Loop Mohair dyed by Danette Taylor. Knew those new Addi needles would come in handy. Gauge for these bouclé yarns is 5 sts/in on a size 6. I started this scarf (surprise gift for a good friend) using the CTH yarn doubled on the new Addis.
Frothy scarf
Over 36" knitted in less than a knitting day (you know, the time alloted to knitting during the course of one's usual day). Pattern is same as I used for the Tahiti scarf:
CO 3 sts, knit a row, inc 1 sts every other row up to 19 sts while working in garter sts. Cont in garter sts until you are sick of knitting, about to run out of yarn (but not quite), or whathaveyou, then dec each end every other row down to 3 sts, bind off. I'll make tassels for the ends 'cause they are so much fun to make. The great thing about yarn like this is that you can knit with it mindlessly, in garter st or similar, and it looks great from the texture and the dying.

Swallowtail is almost done. It too will be a gift. I'll have to make 3 more gifts for friends who hosted a big post-wedding luncheon for DD#1 and new SiL back in March. Think I'll use the Danette Taylor for one of them, but I'll have to find something different to make with it. Scarves/shawls are good because I don't need measurements, so I can truly surprise the recipients. Also, everyone in NJ wears them and needs several to get through the winters. Also, they can be made relatively quickly. What else shall I use from stash? I have 6.5 oz (maybe 400 yds) of some lovely creamy Aran-weight wool that I think will be perfect for this scarf by Elizabeth Lovick. And the Yarn Chef Mulligatawny I bought; I have 2 skeins of that. One for a gift and one for socks for me, perhaps? Sound good to you?

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fleegle said...

Pretty stuff! Drives me crazy to knit, though.