Friday, July 2, 2010


aeolian [iːˈəʊlɪən]
1) adj: of or relating to the wind; produced or carried by the wind [from Aeolus, god of the winds];

2) n: a group of islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea;

3) n: a type of harp;

4) n: a drop-dead gorgeous shawl I'm dying to knit.

As if I need an excuse to make myself another shawl, I'm going to make this one for wearing in my (sometimes) frigid office, out of the bargain Jamieson and Smith yarn I grabbed the other week, in my favorite color. One question remains (apologies to Shakespeare): to bead or not to bead, that is the question.

Meanwhile, I casted on the last gift last night.


fleegle said...

That one is high on my queue, but I'm going to spin the yarn. And yes, definitely beads!

Experimental Knitter said...

I love beads on Aeolian, but I cannot decide on color, that's my big problem. I may make a bead soup out of 2 or 3 colors that go with the yarn so I don't have to decide.

Donna Lee said...

I also like that shawl. I don't wear them often but I love making them!

I think I'd bead, too.