Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bluebells, Maikells, and Other Flowers

Maikell is Estonian for lily of the valley. In case you couldn't tell (you could, I'm sure), I love flowers. I also love flower-themed needlework (I haven't shown off my embroidery or needlepoint but flowers are there too) and flower-themed knitting. Usually that means lace, like the Bluebell pattern I'm working out or the lily of the valley scarf I just started. Sometimes it's other motifs like the tulips on this Sidna Farley afghan square I made into a pillow.
Tulip jacquard pillow.jpg
Even Aeolian has a floral or botanic theme, being the main patterns comprising it are called agave and yucca.

The Bluebell scarf has passed the halfway mark; here's a close-up of the join, which I think came out pretty nicely:

Note to self-- Always check to be sure you have rejoined the yarn to the picked up stitches in the correct orientation, else face tinking back 1/4 of the second half. (Yes, I actually did that. Please learn from my stupid mistake.) I am pleased with the maikell edging, with the join (my error aside), and the symmetry of the pattern constructed this way.

I like the look of the bluebells looking up like tulips; in the Stove book, they are oriented down for the borders. The pattern lends itself to making the flowers taller, like Fosteriana tulips or shorter like tulip violacea.

The lily of the valley scarf, gift number 5, is taking shape. The funny gathered stitch that Estonians use in place of a SK2P really flares the border out more than a SK2P does- nice to see the points of the lace even without blocking.

I'll need more yarn to complete Aeolian; the $6 bargain was only about half the amount needed, so I ordered 4 more skeins (and 4 more skeins in a lovely sea foam green just happened to find their way into my basket while I was shopping, wouldn't you know?). I do not care if the dye lots don't match- I'll alternate them for a subtle striped look anyway. I still have to order beads (I'm still on the fence about beads for it).

One day I will have to get back to practical knitting for the family; I owe DD#1 a hoodie, DD#2 a jacket and scarf, and DH a vest. And I need to complete that top for me that I really need. But not just yet.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a photo of a flower from my garden; something I haven't found rendered in knitting- yet.
Nikko blue 2
Have a happy - and safe- 4th of July!


fleegle said...

You're right. I have never seen a hydrangea pattern. I have yarns that color, but that's not the same thing.

I love the pink pillow pattern--charming!

Donna Lee said...

I have a pair of lily of the valley socks. I love them. Lily of the valley is my favorite flower. I had a bed full of them and my husband (thinking he was doing a good thing) took them out to clean out the bed. He broke out in the worst rash (they are poisonous) and now doesn't want to replant them. I am going to buy new pips and start over. I'll just wear gloves.

Experimental Knitter said...

@Fleegle. Thanks. Found a beret pattern on Ravelry with sort of a hydrangea look to it.
@DonnaLee, Oooh did not know that about lilies of the valley. I like them too and was thinking of planting some come autumn. Will just leave them in place if I do.

fleegle said...

I'm thinking black beads if I do Aoelian.

Experimental Knitter said...

Black iris or iridescent would look lovely with that yarn.