Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Department of Major SNAFUs

No, I haven't left the planet or anything, though my erstwhile employer, the Department of Vet Affairs, seems to have kicked me off the payroll.

That seems to have been the fault of the local VA station (not pointing fingers here), since Washington has sent me e-mails claiming I still work for them (your tax dollars at work, folks).

You can just imagine the fun. And the budget balancing in the wake of a major, major monetary shortfall. And the panicked phones calls hither and yon to get me reinstated ASAP (I'm re-submitting a grant application next month, for crying out loud!).

Who can knit?

Hopefully, this too will have passed and the blog will return to its normal knitting "knews" and info. Hopefully.


fleegle said...

I am so sorry...I hope you get this problem resolved soon. What a mess!

Donna Lee said...

Fingers crossed here! What a major pita.

It's been too hot to knit anyway.

Henya said...

Sorry this is happening. Good luck.