Monday, August 16, 2010

While Waiting for the Cavalry

While waiting for the US Cavalry to arrive (being the VA's payroll service has merged with the DoD's it's apt), I finished a bunch of stuff with yarn on hand.
First, I modified Elaine Fitzpatrick's slipped-stitch bib (find the stitch pattern on her website at Down Cloverlaine, it's called Rhonda's Delight) to make it into an over-the-head bib. I sent it along with the blanket, and have heard that it fits the recipient.
bib 3
Next, the matching fingertip towel to the facecloth:
fingertip towel finis 2
lacy facecloth finis
The rainbow blanket for DD#2 is ready to go down to Baltimore with her next week (so soon?):
rainbow blanket finis 1
And finally, I figured out another way to make an over-the-head bib; I think I like this one better (pattern is just garter stitch but it looks fancy in the ombré yarn; I'll be writing this up and posting it as a free download to Ravelry):
3 hr bib finis 2
Betsy-Wetsy agreed to model this one, though she is up in years:
3 hr bib finis 3
Sure hope the cavalry arrives soon, before I run out of stashed yarn!

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fleegle said...

All are adorable! And I really hope the cavalry arrives soon. That must be nervewracking!