Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally the Cavalry Arrived

And not a moment too soon. At least that mess has been resolved.
Today DD#2 moves back to Maryland (DH takes her down in a rented moving van, room for only 2 passengers, so yours truly already said her sad good-byes this a.m.) into her first real apartment (not a dorm or dorm suite). Whatever furniture/furnishings DH can't fit into the van will have to be purchased in Maryland. We're sending a futon sofa, bed and frame, kitchen table and 2 chairs, desk, chair, and bookcase, a fan, perhaps miscellaneous shelves. Then there are DD's books (lots of 'em), musical instruments and stands, computer and printer, and of course 3 seasons of clothes and shoes. We've already heard there are no overhead light fixtures except for kitchen and bath. And no shower curtain. Maybe no blinds or curtains (the apartment is terrace-level, which DD tells me means ground floor). OTOH the complex provides high-speed wireless internet for $28 a month and some other amenities, and a little grocery store/convenience shop is at one corner. It's across the street from campus and in an historic neighborhood that DH and I remember fondly from our own days as students there. We had no money for entertainment, so we walked. A lot. We lived in the other (now) historic neighborhood, the funkier one. How the times flies!

The knitting goes apace in the meanwhile. I made another bath mitt to complete a spa set. Maybe it'll be a hostess gift or else it'll be on my Etsy site.
lacy bath mitt 2
Designed a ruffly bib for a future baby girl. If I hadn't gotten lazy I would have ruffled the finished part too, but maybe that's not comfortable for a baby in a high chair.
flirty ruffles 2
Betsy-Wetsy asked to model it for you. She's really getting into this modeling thing.
flirty ruffles1
made the cutest bib from one of Elaine Fitzpatrick's pattern (Down Cloverlaine is the website and the link is at left):
starfish bib finis 1
(you see what I mean about getting into this modeling thing, right?) This bib will be part of a gift for a baby-to-be, grandchild of close friends of ours. There's a blanket on the needles to go along with it, though the blanket doesn't match.
bias rainbow blanket
The bibs and mitt are Pisgah Yarns Peaches & Creme cotton, and the blanket is Caron Simply Soft Brites and a couple of not-bright colors (persimmon and lavender blue). For an acrylic yarn, the CSS is quite nice to work with; not finding it especially splitty, definitely not pilling as I work these big things. The blanket pattern is worked on the bias; basically it's a Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth pattern worked on size 15 (10 mm) needles with the yarn doubled to get the shaded colors. Instead of increasing up to 207 or so stitches, I increased to around 107 stitches (did not count but went by when I reached the middle of the color segment) before beginning the decrease rows. These size 15 needles are Crystal Palace bamboos I found on sale for cheap. Do not like them. The joins are awful, not smooth at all. The Cavalry should have come sooner so I could have bought Addis.

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