Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back from Hotlanta

Which wasn't all that hot. The lobby of the pretty Grand Hyatt was about the most interesting thing I got to see, being I was obligated to be present at the meeting at all times (as a speaker, I was sort of like faculty for the duration of the conference). DH was luckier: he got see the Salvador Dali exhibit at the High Museum, explore the historic district nearby, and generally lounge about Buckhead, enjoying the good weather.

One thing I learned from the conference: my eye doctor is right, I need stronger lenses. I could not resolve fairly large letters on a huge screen from a moderate distance. It's been 3 years since my last change of glasses, prompted by losing my lamented Escadas, replaced by these new Kate Spades.

In 3 years I managed to strip the screws and scratch the lenses from constant wear. New sunglasses ordered, and they are Kate Spades once again (apparently, this brand of frames fits me the best).

Doesn't look like much, right? Add the lenses with tint and polarization to cut glare and you are looking at one mighty expensive piece of eyewear (thank heavens for flexible benefits to help pay for eyeglasses).

My indoor glasses held up pretty well (a pretty rose pair of Safilo wire rims), but if I hand them over for new lenses, I won't be able to drive at night or on cloudy days, let alone watch the new Harry Potter movie (already have tickets, will sit up front).
After much, much debate, angst, and trying-on of frames (do these look too school-marmy? Too librarian? Tortoise-shell: ugh, no! a throw-back to when I was a kid and only wore tortoiseshell frames. Wire rims again? The pretty green frames I loved-- made me look green) the optician picked these semi-rimless Guess? frames for me:

I'll be getting them in sophisticated brown metallic.

In the knitting department, I did take along a ball of cotton and plastic needles to make another bib (everyone is having babies, must keep cranking out the bibs). Pretty much completed it on the trip down. Photos a-comin' soon.

One last word about Atlanta. DH and I made one foray outside of Buckhead before the meeting to buy kosher food; this was to nearby (so we thought) Toco Hills. The map was so misleading. I had a dang-hard time figuring out where to go and how to get there (please Google Plantation Drive, Buckhead; you'll see what I mean). I lamented this to DH for some sympathy, asking, "What's wrong with Atlanta? I can't figure out how the streets run." DH replied, "Blame Sherman."


fleegle said...

Erm, glad you had a good time? Sorry we missed you!

Experimental Knitter said...

So are we sorry, would have been great.
Next time, for sure.