Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pre-T Day Countdown

I took today off so as to get a jump-start on the T-Day cooking. DH does the turkey and baked yams (whew), and this year DD#1 will be making a few things in her kitchen and bringing them over. We headed off the whose house do the newlyweds go to by inviting the in-laws early last month. After all, DD#2 is home from Charm City, and the sisters need to spend time together (more like, DD#1 needs to needle her little sister; for some reason DD#2 puts up with it).

Since I got off to an early start this a.m., I can take a break. I made 2 pumpkin custards (neither DH nor I care for pie crust, which is good because I suck at making it). I made the cranberry sauce. I made apple cobbler (featured at top). I did not make the roasted veggie kugel (like a casserole) we'll serve tomorrow, but I picked it out at Costco. I bought fresh veggies for crudités, plus pita chips. Tomorrow I'll make the guacamole, the tomato vegetable soup with wild rice and barley (DH thinks he doesn't eat enough veggies, so we tend to serve a lot of them with our dinners). DD#1 tells me she made pumpkin spice bread (I have a feeling DD#2 will be taking it back down to college with her), a cranberry-pineapple kugel (this is absolutely delicious as a side or for dessert), and fixins' for a salad. I was going to make rosemary-garlic potatoes, but I decided we'll have enough food and then some. I will not be cooking for Sabbath this week; leftovers will be consumed.

Last night the family saw the new Harry Potter movie, being that DD#2 could join us and we suspected the theater would not be mobbed (we were correct in this). Better than the book is my verdict. And the knitwear is enough to make anyone's needles cast a charm.

Ravelers have determined that Harry's sweater is a type of beaded rib. Hermione's Fair Isle yoked hoodie has reverse stockinette stitch body and a pretty cabled button band you can see here:

Harry also wears this saddle-shoulder cabled pullover in a marled yarn:

Ron of course gets a handsome sweater, a two-toned cabled number (no doubt knitted by Mrs. Weasely):

My favorite is the raspberry hat Hermione wears in Godric's Hollow:

I would love the pattern to that. Maybe a book of more magical knits will be in the offing. I could see DH and SiL in the sweaters Ron and Harry wear. Once again, I'm faced with so much to knit and so little time.
Enjoy your holiday!

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fleegle said...

That's a hilarious view of the HP movie--I never thought to look. But then, if I watch one movie every five years, it's a lot.

I just finished the cranberry sauce. Squash is finished, roll dough is done...just have to defrost. Pie dough is frozen and ditto. I really hate Thanksgiving :(