Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hey Mr.Wilson!

Remember that cry? Well, here we have a new twist on Mr. Wilson.
Mr Wilson hat
It's Norah Gaughan's Wilson hat, but I think it's dignified enough to warrant being called Mr. Wilson. It's intended recipient, my laboratory assistant, is likewise dignified. The yarn is vintage Red Heart worsted wool in Eggshell. What a wonderfully soft wool it is. I loved working with it.

Of course I had to make another gift for my graduate student. Wouldn't do to leave her out. So she's also getting a beret, this one is Brambles and is found in the Deep Fall 2010 issue of Knitty. The yarn is Brooks Farm Four-Play yarn, the skein I bought at Rhinebeck. It's heavenly soft also.

Included in the gifts will be some fancy teas and tins of Dutch butter cookies, plus bottles of Eucalan for washing and keeping moths away. My assistant told me his apartment has some problem with fiber-eating critters. His Italian cashmere sweater became lunch. Hoping to head off any hungry vermin with the power of eucalyptus, I'll add the Eucalan to the gift baskets. I'd include lavender sachets, but that just doesn't seem like the things to give guys. DH wouldn't go for it, that's certain. You know, wrapped in lace and tied with a little purple ribbon, or else embroidered and surrounded by frills? I can see it now:
No, I don't think so.


fleegle said...

I love both the hats! Can I come work for you?

Henya said...

Very nice hats. What a wonderful boss you are!

Donna Lee said...

I'd skip the lavender in favor of some scented soap, like bay rum, maybe? My husband doesn't like scented anything (too girly) but he'll shave with that one and it smells heavenly.

The hats are wonderful.

Experimental Knitter said...

@Fleegle, Sure ;D.
@Henya, many thanks.
@Donna Lee, Yep, lavender will be skipped for the guy in favor of Eucalan plus a big box of chamomile tea (he loves herbal teas) and a tin of butter cookies (to eat with the tea).