Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Chanukah to all!

OK, I know it's only Day 1 so this chanukiah is not representative (yet) of the holiday.
DH and I ate potato latkes (pancakes) with applesauce last night after we lit, and tonight we will have spinach latkes with plain yogurt (in place of sour cream). Maybe even some jelly donuts (known as sufganyot) for dessert.

Rocky got his Chanukah present; it coincides with when we think his whelp day was, and now he is 10 years old.

We're calling it Schlitz the malt liquor bull. Rocky calls it something else likely, but knows what we mean when we tell him to get Schlitz. He drags it around everywhere. It's bigger than his head so he looks pretty funny trying to carry it. He looks like he's enjoying it and has given it 5 baths at least already. He put it on my slippers last night for safekeeping when DH went to let him out for the nightly constitutional; he only does that with toys he really loves.

Been knitting a lot but had to frog the back of a new vest for DH (oh noes!). Gauge on a small piece- OK. Gauge on the whole piece- ginormous. Have not had to do that in many a year. Better to find out now. At least I'm halfway to the armhole again.

Speaking of DH, guess who discovered he has a hernia over Thanksgiving weekend? Luckily our internist had office hours on Friday and saw DH; surgeon's appointment this Monday. DH wants laparoscopic surgery: small incision, less OR time = less anesthesia time, likely shorter recup time. Best Chanukah present for DH will be getting this taken care of quickly and easily, with minimal fuss.

Have a happy holiday, and don't eat too many latkes whatever else you do!

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Donna Lee said...

At Easter, we have paschky, Polish jelly bombs as my kids call them. Jelly donuts.

I like Schlitz! What a cutie. I also like the idea of him being well loved and bathed.

Happy Chanukah to you and your family.