Thursday, May 12, 2011

Career Counseling 101

Yesterday I met with a career counselor. For nearly 2 hours we brainstormed about my past and future career trajectory, and I came away with a list of to-do items. This was time and money well-spent. Although I had an idea where I should look in terms of changing fields from lab-based research to medical education and writing, I had no idea that so many job listings are red herrings, mainly to satisfy EEOC regulations. Or that scanned electronic resumes rarely net one a job unless the key words match up (and the chances of that happening are close to my winning the Power Ball lottery). Most importantly, I learned that focusing my objective statement on my career aspirations make the resume, well, about me (DUH). Instead, I rewrote my objectives section into a short statement about how my previous career as a bench scientist brings skills a firm can use to meet its goals and serve its clients.

The counselor and I will meet again in 3 weeks. The time gives me a chance to set up informational interviews with targeted firms close to me. Beats crying, let me tell you, to have something positive to do.

When I returned to the office today, there was a message about one and maybe 2 potential jobs. Plus an e-mail from a former colleague who heads a medical education firm inviting me to call him tomorrow. And both messages trump no news about zero jobs any day.

Lost sock update: Since last spotted at Cinqo de Mayo celebrations in LA (thank you, sharp-eyed Fleegle!), it must be taking Route 66 home, which means it should make to Chicago by the 4th of July or thereabouts. How it gets from Chicago to NJ is its problem!


fleegle said...

I wish you the bestest of luck. I gave up after two years of hunting.

I saw your sock last night in the regrettable movie The Mongolian Death Worm. He was a worm extra who squirmed out of the well to attack the doctor. What kind of yarn did you use exactly to knit him?

Henya said...

I hope the things work out. Fast! I am glad you are able to be positive about the situation. Hope your sock will get over it's wanderlust and get back to you soon.

Experimental Knitter said...

@Fleegle and Henya: Thanks for the good wishes.
Fleegle, I used Sundara hand-dyed sock yarn. The sock was an extra? Guess it has to pay for its drinking habit somehow. Er, how badly was the doc injured?