Friday, May 6, 2011

Royal Wedding- Belated Thoughts

It's been a week since Kate and Wills (otherwise known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) tied the knot at ye old Westminster Abbey across the pond. I was awake, and forewent walking Rocky in order to watch the nuptials. What a feast for the eyes! So many hats and fancy suits in the crowd. Now I want a royal outfit to wear to synagogue on Sabbaths; only question remaining is which? Help me choose, dear readers!

Her Majesty the Queen wore an ensemble that looked more apricot on my TV than primrose yellow:
I like apricot; I'd adore this outfit most of all if the color weren't so, well, yellow. Bad color for me. Otherwise, I love the demure cut, the flower flourish on the hat, and the lovely pearls set off by the Lovers' Knot brooch, a royal heirloom.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrived in style: A lot of fashionistas dissed her ensemble. I disagree. I like it; when she walks, the embroidery at the hips seemed to minimize them (not that she's wide-beamed). The pale colors maybe washed her out a bit, but they're sophisticated pales and not little-girl pastels. I could wear this outfit, hat and all.

Carole Middleton. the Queen's new in-law, wowed everyone in pale blue:
Love the whole get-up, but the hat screams for hair to be pinned up. I could totally wear that set, and my hair would be up in a chignon. Style, I haz it.

Princess Letizia of Asturias (Spain) wore this pale rose confection.
I love it. The dress looks like organdy or chiffon and may be suited to a slimmer figure than mine; the hat I'd have to try on to see how it looks but I love it anyway. I adore veils. I heart this outfit even if I can't wear it.

Outfit I love with the hat I hate award goes to Princess Beatrice:
The outfit is me. I own a pair of shoes that match. Pearl earrings, no other jewelry needed. All I would need is a matching hat in organza and you may courtsey and call me "My Lady." Why Princess Beatrice chose to wear antennae on her forehead is beyond me. If I'd been wearing pearls when I saw her arrive at the wedding, I would have clutched them.

Worst overall outfit award goes to Princess Eugenie:
This was the best photo I could find of her in the wedding attire, plus you get to see how gorgeous her sister's Valentino outfit is and how hideous that hat is. Eugenie looks like something out of a fairy tale, but not in a good way. Bows at the bust are not for the busty; take it from another well-endowed woman. I can't totaly blame Eugenie for the hat; I noted several other women with blue canoes perched on foreheads. Must be a new trend, one I fervently hope remains on that side of the pond forever.


Renee Anne said...

May I argue? Sort of....

I thought both Bebe and Gigi looked like something out of my nightmares as a child. Bebe was fine from the neck down...but that hat and the goth makeup! Guh! And Gigi's entire ensemble was just wrong...except for the color. The color was about the only thing she got right.

Camila's dress, though a horribly wrong color, was lovely. I think if it had been a color instead of a washed out pastel, it might have been truly great.

And the Queen in yellow...that's just so her.

I was surprised that you didn't mention Pippa's maid-of-honor dress. Aside from the fact that it was a little too form fitting (was she wearing underwear or spanks?), it was just lovely.

Donna Lee said...

I managed to sleep through the nuptials (Unfortunately, I am not dedicated enough to the pagentry to get up that early on a work day). It's been interesting to see the clothing (and wow, that hat was amazingly large, wasn't it?). I thought Camilla looked better than she usually does, although it seemed to me that she had a boat on her head. I am not a hat person. They make my head itch and I think I tend to get lost in them. I do admire a good one on a woman who can carry it off.

And the Queen? She was totally herself which you've got to admire.

Experimental Knitter said...

@ Renee Anne: Argue away! I did not like Pippa's dress because it was white (at least Pippa could have worn ivory like the bride and bridesmaids did), too low-cut, and too modern in feel compared to the rest of the bridal party.
Bebe and Gigi- is that what you call the princess offspring of the Yorks across the pond?
@ Donna Lee: I have to be up that early, so I tuned in. I have to wear hats to synagogue and to protect my skin from the sun. Camilla's hat was lovely, but I think Princess Letizia's is my fave of all.

Renee Anne said...

Bebe and Gigi are what I've always heard the offspring of Fergie's being referred to...and my (former) boss named her two Yorkshire Terriers after them and called them Bebe and Gigi.

I guess I didn't realize Pippa was wearing white...I know Kate's dress was white and ivory so that may be why I missed it.

I didn't realize there were other bridesmaids either...I mean, the flower girls and such but they were little. I love that Prince Harry gave the littlest one a little toy to help calm her (and it was caught in the photographs). It was so sweet...who would have thought he'd think of that?!