Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rejected, Dejected, and Off to LA

I did not get either job.

The job in Manhattan, the one to which I was supposed to return in order to meet the manager? According to the recruiter, a better candidate (one with "agency" experience) showed up and was offered the job.

The job on the beautiful overlook? The very next day I received a politely worded e-mail informing me they've decided not to move forward with hiring a grant writer to obtain Federal grants. Somehow I think they knew that at 3 pm the previous day. Yet, the following day, they e-mailed me again, asking if I would write for them on a free-lance basis. I said yes. I still have to hear back from them. I'm not holding my breath.

Friday I had a telephone interview with a manager for a UK-based company that has a local education company. That went well, so well that I'll have an in-person interview at the local firm late this month. They sent me a writing test (totally out of my field); I finished it and sent it off. Now I've not heard really good things about this firm; in fact a friend of mine who switched from lab to medical education some years ago interviewed here and was glad to be offered a job where she is now (she's been trying to get me an interview there, but that's another post). My take: get my feet wet here if I'm offered a job and keep looking. If I like it there (things change!), I can stay and not look anywhere else, right?

To be honest, I am panicking, not the least because DH did not get his bridge grant and will definitely be out of work starting July 1. His field is less marketable than mine (yeast genetics; unless you are a brewery, who needs one of those?).

Tomorrow the entire Knitter family is going to LA. My nephew is getting married, not in LA-- in New York City on the 27th. My father thought he would be too ill to fly, so we made a family decision to go see him and attend synagogue, when my nephew will be called up to read the Torah portion as a groom. Thank G-d my father is better and will be coming east for the wedding after all; in fact, he will stay with DH and me. You can imagine how hard I'm finding it not to think about the cost of travel, in money as well as time at this juncture.

Sock update: it's back. Really and truly, it dragged its bedraggled self back onto the shelf from whence it came, needles and yarn and all. I'm letting it sit in time-out for a while as I make hostess gifts for my sister-in-law.


fleegle said...

So sorry! I'm in the same boat:(

sapphireblue said...

Ugh! That's so frustrating. I'm hoping this means there is a better job out there for you.

Vivianne said...

Keep your chin up :-) something will come along when you need it most xx

Knitrageous said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Something will come along soon.