Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did You Feel It?

How many of you on the East Coast felt the earth move under your feet right before 2 pm yesterday? My office started swaying, my blinds rattled and shook, and being a former AngeleƱa, I knew immediately we were in the midst of a temblor, a major one at that. Aftershocks may happen, magnitude greater than 5 can be expected. The East is so not prepared for this.

If you felt it, you can register your experience with the US Coast & Geological Survey here. I did. Someone had to tell the USCGS that NJ shook too.


Donna Lee said...

Yes, I felt it. I'd never felt anything like that before (and hope to never feel it again). I was sitting in a psychiatrist's office with a patient who has major anxiety attacks so you can imagine how well THAT went!

Then they shut down the train across the bridge from Phila to NJ and we had to scramble to get home. What a day. But we are soooo lucky compared to what it could have been.

Experimental Knitter said...

Hope your patient is all right.
People become so frightened by earthquakes, even quite calm people, because of the association of the earth with stability. After big quakes, the LA Times reported on how many more people were getting psychiatric help for panic attacks and why. I had to keep myself from screaming out loud yesterday, I have to admit. I'm one of those who was a shivering mass in LA during earthquake times. I half-thought about popping a few Xanax last night.

sapphireblue said...

My friend called me, but I was working and didn't answer my phone. She said she was at a physical therapy appointment and she felt like she was swaying. She thought someone was shaking her chair.