Friday, August 26, 2011

First the Earth Moved, Now the Winds Howl

Earthquake, hurricane- it's enough to make anyone scream "ENOUGH ALREADY!" We are in the red zone, even though we're inland from the coast. New York City is evacuating hospitals and nursing homes from its coasts. Our governor, who is inertial on most things that government should do for people, declared a state of emergency yesterday.
Every East Coast governor from the Carolinas up to New England did so. This storm is big- it looks like it could cover the state of Florida; that's sizeable.

Irene is coming. The normally inperturbable DH is making noises about leaving the med school real early today to do some hurricane preps: gas up cars, pull the Weber grill inside, create a place in the garage for Rocky to relieve himself if he cannot go outdoors Sunday (what, me walk him in 90 mile an hour winds?), and so forth.

I'm in mild panic mode, checking on batteries, milk, eggs, water, candles, and stuff to keep me occupied, like knitting (and finally taking photos of my knitting).

On knitting- I am halfway done with blanket for niece's baby-to-be. Feels like a milestone. Made nearly a dozen bibs in all colors, just in case. This way I can send the blanket (it's ecru) plus a bunch of color-appropriate bibs.

And a news flash. I am employed, at least until the end of October. Not permanently, not with benefits, but as a consultant for the company I liked best with which I interviewed. The salary is great, just about what I was making before the lay-off. I hope and pray this will turn into a permanent job for me.


sapphireblue said...

Congratulations on the employent! I'm crossing my fingers that it will become permanent. I was on the east coast for Isabel, but we've moved away. I'm hoping this will disapate before it gets to you.

Experimental Knitter said...

Thanks SapphireBlue.
Hurricanes unfortunately don't dissipate (wish it would though! been saying that for days), and this one is projected to pass over Manhattan according to a message I just received from the VA.
We're leaving the med school in a few minutes to go batten down the hatches.
Irene is supposed to be much worse than Isabel was.

Knitrageous said...

Great news on the job. Worried about the hurricane for you. Hope all works out. Please post or something if you can so we'll know you're okay. Be safe.