Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodnight Irene!

Good night, good bye, good riddance.
Gone but not forgotten:

This is what Irene did near me.
We lost power from 4 am until after 1 pm. We've had to boil water for use since yesterday morning (naturally the phone call from the water company came AFTER I gave Rocky water from the tap. Naturally). We had stockpiled drinking water, now we have stockpile dishes in the sink. I usually clean my kitchen Sunday mornings; just looking at it frets me now.
Dealing with Rocky during the fury of the storm was fun. This is a collie that doesn't like mud on his white paws. I opened the sliding door to the patio to let him out (didn't want to risk a gust of wind yanking and breaking the front door). I ordered him to relieve himself (it's a command I taught him) and what did he do? Circled the patio and returned to the door. Three times I ordered him to go and do what he had to do. Finally he relented, and in came an unhappy and soaked dog. I had towels at the ready as well as a speech: if you'd gone the first time I told you, you'd wouldn't be nearly this wet. And of course that was right before the eye passed over New York City, and the storm began dying down. By noon it wasn't drizzling any longer and I took him for a hesitant walk, as the winds were then kicking up and the trees look a bit precarious.
DD#1's hospital can be reached only by boat,the the river, now at 25 feet above flood stage, has yet to crest. Plus the new moon tonight means tidal waves. She's not going to work today. DSiL's hospital evacuated patients; I think his office is fine but I don't know if his privileges go to the hospitals patients were evacuated to. I don't think he has many in-hospital patients.
And yet, I didn't knit as much as I thought I would.

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sapphireblue said...

I'm glad that you are alright.