Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Peek... And Some Good News

Yep, watermelon wedge socks on the needles. I'm really about up to the heel flap (my modification-- doing a heel flap and French heel in place of the afterthought heel in the pattern). The eagle-eyed among you will notice that I did slip 1, k2tog, psso in place of k3tog, as pattern is written; I split my pushing finger and could not bear the pain of the k3tog. I like the look and am never anal about patterns anyway. On to the good news.

DH got the job. Starts this week. He'll be an adjunct prof at a college in the next county, teaching biology with lab; 48 students in class, 24 in lab (there's another prof to teach the other half of the lab). The pay sucks, really sucks, but it's a foot in the door. Who knows how many more sections of bio there'll be next term? Also, this college has a micro curriculum for med techs-- and micro is DH's specialty. Being it's a pubic college, DH stays in the state pension plan. I'd say great news if DH were teaching more than 1 course; a typical load at a teaching college is more like 3 or 4 courses, plus advising and some research. BUT it's a foot in the door, as I wrote.

Off to watch Downton Abbey. We're all hooked. Love those clothes and jewels. I can wear this from the back of my cedar closet, an Anny Blatt design I made out of Tahki Sable about 20 years ago:

I'd give a lot to have Carson come and run my household. Heck, I'd give a lot to have Carson come and polish this:

This being a sterling silver candelabrum I inherited from my mother. You can't tell from the photo, but it's over 2 feet tall. I spent over an hour polishing it this morning, and that's after polishing it 2 weeks ago, and after coating it with the same stuff the British Museum uses on its antique silver collection so they don't have to polish all the live-long day. Carson? Anna? Where's the staff when you need them??


Faeryfay said...

love the colours in those socks! Gorgeous! Congrats to hubby on the job!

Allison said...

Those socks are so fun! You'll have a blast wearing them!