Friday, January 13, 2012

Lupine Socks Redux

New socks, I haz 'em. Just in time for the next blast of winter (coming this way any minute now-- what a weird winter this is turning out to be) I finished my second pair of Lupine Lace socks. Now because I did not use reinforcing yarn with sock #1, I kept things symmetric and forewent reinforcing yarn with sock #2. So far my socks of Sundara yarn (sport weight and sock weight) have held up. Let us hope socks will last into the future; there a fair bit o' money sunk into these, after all!

Started the next pair of watermelon socks, meaning I casted on and knitted 2 rows, nothing exciting enough to take a shot of. When the pattern looks like something and the thing looks like a sock leg, then I'll be motivated to take photos. Now the question is, what color reinforcing yarn shall I use with the yarn? FYI, I use fine cotton crochet thread as reinforcing yarn. I have green, rose, and natural. Yarn looks like this:

Another question: Does somebody know a technique to add reinforcing yarn on the soles only when knitting in the round? Seems to me there must be a way if people knitted padded sole socks, right? At $26 plus shipping form Canada for the skein, it's too expensive to contemplate holes in these future socks.

Big news of the day: DH has a job interview in a couple of hours! At a nearby public college-- to teach biology and lab. The chair of the department called last night, while DH was in synagogue for evening service. Nice man; told DH salary, hours, and everything when DH called back. Pay isn't great, it's for one course BUT DH keeps his state benefits (only 2 years until DH is eligible for full pension) and there's always the chance they ask him to teach a full-load. I'm hoping DH gets something to keep himself in the loop. Quite a few profs in his department at the med school will be retiring shortly; they'll need DH to take over the teaching load because they surely aren't hiring new faculty.

Today I work from home. Must go now and prepare for a teleconference with a client. Tempting it is to pick up those circular needles and knit my socks, but I refrain. Imagine the uproar if I were to drop a stitch while on the speaker phone. Words cannot describe.


kristieinbc said...

Those Lupine socks are beautiful! I really like the colour too!

I hope your husband is successful at getting this job. It sounds like it would work out very well. Fingers and toes crossed...

sapphireblue said...

Very pretty socks! I admit to knitting or surfing Ravelry when I've called in for a staff meeting. It really helps you get through it.