Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And the Winner is ......

The contest for what to do with the failed sock is over. I decided that the cleverest idea is Yvonne's for making coffee-cup sleeves out of the leg. Plus my daughters are big coffee-out-of-the-house fans (they'll just have to fight over it, heh). So Yvonne, would you please e-mail me (click on the link at the left) with your mailing info? I'll send the beaded markers and the 3 cable needles out to you right away. I'll post a pic when I've made the coffee cup sleeve. Yvonne, if you haven't done it, you ought to write up a patent for it, or at least copyright a pattern for one. In a double-knit stitch, it would insulate so well. Thanks to everyone for the ideas.

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