Thursday, March 29, 2007

Seduction (or is it addiction?) Continues

So here's the sock that seduced me after a little over an hour of knitting. After a little more knitting, here's a French heel all done!

I have to admit to being so obsessed by this pattern (plus I need the socks!) that I finished the first sock last night, but was too tired to take a picture of it. Although I wasn't too tired to cast on the cuff and knit a few rows of ribbing! I'll take a picture later, and you'll see what I did about running out of yarn; 123 yds per sock just is not enough, even doing the cuff and leg on a size 4 then switching to size 3 for the heel flap on. Good thing these will be clog socks and not sandal socks!

Ta da! Yes the toe is purple, well, lilac. Good thing I bought 3 skeins of FdC 501 when I went crazy at the other month, and good thing that the 501 goes a bit further, sock-wise. Put it this way - when making the Pretty Comfy socks out of it, all 3 of them, I had nearly enough left from each skein to make a toe. So I won't have a full skein of lilac left. I'll have a full skein of eu de Nil green left though. How does that grab you for a sock color combo? Crazy stripes. And I can add in some papaya-orange as soon as I frog the toe & foot of the failed sock (bind-off the raw edge for the coffee sleeve). Really wild! My DDs will either fight over them or not want to come within 50 ft of them. Maybe I'll run run a poll as to which scenario we get (#1 DD is graduating from college in May; #2 DD is a junior in HS, so you get the ages we're dealing with here).

And no, I have not been neglecting EFA; I need that jacket to wear for spring while it is spring yet! So here is where I am on the back - this part requires working from 4 charts simultaneously. I like to spread them out on my bed in the order worked; it's the easiest way I find. I'm actually about half-way to the armhole, so for being able to work on it only 1 day a week, not bad. Blocking this will be a challenge, as I've mentioned before. I may pin it out on our spare bed.

The sleeves call for multiple increases to the point of sloppiness, imo. I took out extra stitches at each armholes; that should save me about 5 pairs of increases on each sleeve (yay!) and make them more tailored-looking. I want a jacket, rather than a cardigan; more structured-looking and maybe a bit stiffer than a cardi. And I will put pockets in the side seams. Front pockets would definitely ruin the look. Slash pockets would - I can't even begin to think of it. Side seam pockets - perfect.

Skye is whining piteously and I am home alone with him, guess I should walk him now.


Yvonne said...

Okay, Seduction just moved waaaaay up on the list. I loathe the Dutch heel and am dedicated to learning other (prettier, more professional) ones.

fleegle said...

sock is lovely lovely!

And yes, it's the same Margaret Stove that dyes the lace yarn.

and yes, I own Heirloom Knitting and graze through it often. Pricy, but there's nothing else like it. Do invest in it if you like Shetland lace.

Put a Sock in it said...

Nice sock! That's a really pretty pattern.

Larjmarj said...

I like the purple toe. Sometimes funky is better.