Thursday, January 7, 2010


See the black rectangle? That's where DH r-i-p-p-e-d the vest while removing it yesterday eve. I can't bear to photograph the rip. THAT MAKES THE THIRD VEST THIS PAST FEW MONTHS HE HAS RIPPED! Soon I will be spending more time repairing than knitting. UGH! Admonishments to DH to be careful! get me some sincere repentance, followed by "But I wear them while I work" lame sort of excuses. He's a yeast geneticist! At a medical school! How does that constitute an occupation hazardous to hand-knit vests, I ask you? Some kind souls are sending me a few yards of Clematis Lamb's Pride, so one vest repair will soon be done. And I've located the Classic Elite Tapestry to repair the second vest. But this baby- I can't find or source the grey Tahki Donegal Tweed anywhere. Might serve him right if I repair it with a scarlet VR for "vest ripper." He's down to 2 clean everyday vests these days, one of Rowan Magpie Aran in Truffle and one of navy Tapestry. Guess I'll have to cave and clean his green Shetland vest sooner rather than later. I was hoping to do one big wool cleaning with Eucalan at the end of winter, but maybe that was a stupid thought, with how cold this winter's turning to be.

The third ruined vest has me planning yet another vest, in case the day comes when I absolutely cannot repair one. Over at Ravelry, the Cable Lovers group has been showing off WIPs. One knitter showed off her Plain Vanilla Aran by Janet Szabo at Big Sky Knitting. Think I may tweak it into a vest for DH. Sometime in the future. When I feel he deserves it.

I played a bit of hooky from knitting last night to see "The Young Victoria" with bride-elect D#1. We both give it hearty thumbs-up. I came home in time to manage 1 pattern repeat on Rugged: 90% to the armhole. Hope I have enough Tapestry to squeak by and finish it. For the other Rugged, 10 skeins was more than enough, but for some reason 10 skeins (same size) looks like not quite enough for this one. Pray I'm wrong.


fleegle said...

Oh, that is just miserable! Does he rip them in the same place every time? Can you do an afterthought whatsis if he does rip them in the same place to make repairs easier? Or maybe made them all cardigans, so he can't rip them by pulling them over his head?

Poor baby!

BB said...

He ripped a cable out of one Rugged (must have snagged on belt buckle), ripped the cast-on edge of the Lamb's Pride vest, and well, you know the story of the Donegal vest. He doesn't like sleeves or waistcoats. But waistcoats may happen if I have to repair one more vest.

He should bribe me with beautiful yarn, right?

fleegle said...

Glad I made you laugh. Between Rana Pilosis and your husband, too much frogging going on :(

He needs to buy you five pounds of yarn as compensation. I say so. So there!